PLUS media relations professionals have long-standing ties to national, Beltway, and trade journalists – and our network of field operatives maintains the same quality of relationships with local reporters across the country.

We have extensive experience helping our clients define their voices, refine their messages, and train in-house staff to interact with reporters. Our media experts can also serve as on-the-record spokespeople, help plan and execute high-profile media events, or connect an organization’s leaders with the reporters who are shaping coverage of the issues that matter most to them.

Whether you’re advocating for a cause, managing a crisis or simply growing your brand’s visibility, an increasingly complex and crowded media environment presents serious challenges. When the stakes are high, PLUS experience matters.

Media Training

PLUS brings years of experience in training high-profile individuals for successful media engagement. We have a thorough understanding of the complexity of live interviews from years of personal experience acting as spokespersons for various organizations on local and national television and radio programs.

Media Monitoring + Social Listening

We monitor coverage for some of the world’s largest brands. Our team scours and analyzes traditional and social media, providing the complete picture, so clients can make informed communications decisions.

Our newsroom goes beyond keyword searches and computer algorithms – we employ seasoned analysts and specialized tools to track complex issues and provide actionable intelligence to shape an informed media strategy.