We have the tools to understand how to reach all of your audiences and inspire them to action. Our PLUS partners deepen our offerings for clients with cutting-edge firm expertise:

PLUS’ team of digital strategists incubated digital advocacy tool Speak4 in response to the need for a cutting edge platform.

Speak4 is a digital advocacy solution that focuses on simplicity, innovation and partnership to empower supporters to speak up for the causes they believe in.

Speak4 includes an intuitive platform; industry-leading targeting capabilities at the federal, state and local levels; seamless Facebook Lead Form integrations; and a direct integration with Regulations.gov. The platform allows partners to prioritize both quality and quantity with advanced functionalities such as Send+, Recruit, StoryTeller Mode and more.

The results speak for themselves:

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Multi-Screen Media Placement

PLUS offers data-driven media and digital placement through Fusion, a new buying agency led by partners Chris Georgia and Stephen Szostak.

Media plans are developed for every screen, every medium and every target your paid media campaign needs to reach. We use sophisticated data analytics tools to optimize our buying strategies and ensure your campaign is realizing efficiencies and cost savings. And Fusion’s holistic buying approach ensures that linear TV works seamlessly with connected TV and other digital platforms. Learn more about our buying services at https://fusion3001.com/.

Equip your company with a smarter understanding of public opinion with best-in-class accuracy.

With over 40 years of experience, Peak Insights offers a full suite of public opinion research methodologies and analytical tools to clients in a vast array of industries, both nationally and internationally. 

PLUS partner Peak Insights specializes in:

Peak Insights research methods and services include: