Founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2013, FWD.us is a leading advocacy organization focused on promoting policies that will help keep America competitive in the modern economy, beginning with reforming out-of-date criminal justice and immigration systems.


In the spring of 2013, a group of bipartisan Senators – the Gang of Eight – began developing a comprehensive immigration reform bill. Technology industry leaders saw the legislative push as an opportunity to fix our country’s immigration system, and FWD.us was formed with PLUS helping lead the way. Ever since, we have worked with FWD.us, from the formation of the organization to the passage of the Senate’s comprehensive immigration reform bill in 2013 and the need for additional immigration reform, today.


Our campaign-style approach to bring national attention to FWD.us, which helped push 2013 immigration reform across the finish line, was a strong foundation for additional reform in 2017. The strategy for additional reform includes developing a cohesive narrative, grassroots and grasstops mobilization and aggressive bipartisan lobbying efforts.

To achieve this, we constantly adapt to ensure that our campaign stays on message while breaking through an over-saturated media environment through ongoing surrogate engagement with a broad, diverse array of voices. Additionally, we manage bipartisan field teams across more than 20 states that are dedicated to building local coalitions and mobilizing constituents through unique state-by-state and district-by-district strategies. We have also worked alongside FWD.us to conduct and release polling, coordinate press and thought leadership events and manage a bipartisan lobbying approach.

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As the largest immigration reform group in the country, FWD.us is largely credited with the seriousness surrounding the need for reform, with the New York Times stating that FWD.us is “actually getting immigration reform done.” Almost overnight, FWD.us became a formidable player in the immigration debate. Never before had a group been created that combined the brightest minds of Silicon Valley and both parties in Washington to advance a common legislative goal. And although the campaign is far from over, PLUS remains dedicated throughout the entire process to achieving real results and ensuring immigration reform remains a top priority.