Why Guess When You Can Know? An Introduction To Vetting From PLUS

By Jeff Aubin

In an era when individuals and organizations fill data centers with their activity recorded online, fully vetting the digital footprint of potential associates is one of the most important things you can do to ensure the stability, security and reputation of your organization.

At PLUS, we have a seasoned team of researchers who use a process-driven, comprehensive and campaign-tested style of vetting that ensures our clients receive all the information they need to make informed decisions. Whether its verifying information concerning a potential executive hire, to compiling past statements that will identify if a particular organization is the right fit for a strategic partnership, our professionals can uncover the information you need to avoid surprises.

Over the following weeks, our team will take you on a journey in our “How To Do Research” blog series. We’ll show you the vast amount of information that is available online. And we’ll describe how we use court records, campaign finance documents, news archives, social media, video databases and more to create one of the most advanced, comprehensive and thorough vetting products available.

Organizations cannot afford to “just Google it” anymore when it comes to vetting. Just take it from one Fortune 500 company, whose CEO was forced to leave after they missed discrepancies in his resume and those gaps were revealed in media reports. This scandal not only hurt the company’s image but came with a leadership change that ultimately impacted the company’s bottom line. This event was not unique. Every day, companies, political parties, office holders, and government organizations are impacted by the scandals and disruptions that come with failing to vet properly.

It’s also true — every day, the security and stability of numerous individuals and organizations has been secured by comprehensive vetting, much like we do at PLUS. By providing the fullest available picture to our clients, we give them the information to make the right decisions for their company.

In the 2020 cycle, our researchers dedicated thousands of hours to vet individuals for television ads, to executive hires and nominees for high-profile posts. Stay tuned for upcoming articles in our blog series to see what makes PLUS research unique and how it can benefit you.


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