The 24/7 news cycle leaves little room for error when it comes to navigating a crisis. Whether it’s an unfortunate tweet or an industrial accident, a slow or careless response can make any situation worse.

From Fortune 100 companies to high-profile lawmakers, PLUS prepares our clients to navigate tough situations before a crisis strikes, not after it’s too late. We know how to create smart, tailored plans designed to bring teams of all sizes into alignment with senior leaders and legal counsel – ensuring our clients are prepared to mitigate any potential damage by immediately advancing a thoughtful, consistent message.

That means designating key spokespeople, preparing background material on controversial topics and establishing a chain of command that can adapt quickly to changing circumstances. We also help clients practice putting these plans into action by developing simulations that mirror real-life, complete with media inquiries and internal communication challenges. And when a crisis does occur, our team is on-call to help every client preserve their brand and their reputation, while driving key messages.

Our crisis specialists can serve as on-the-record spokespeople, and we quickly train in-house staff to deliver key messages in high-stakes scenarios. PLUS also offers a full-service research and digital team, which can activate 24/7 media and online monitoring to measure a topic’s traction and help correct inaccuracies in real-time.

Litigation Support

At PLUS, we thrive on helping our clients manage high-stakes efforts where success is based on a simple proposition: you either win or you lose, period.

This is never truer than when we partner with law firms to represent companies or individuals who are dealing with complex legal challenges, such as federal and state law enforcement investigations, congressional subpoenas and civil matters.

When a client is going through a serious legal problem, we know how stressful and personal that can be. We work day and night to ensure members of the media, third parties and other stakeholders have all of the facts so that our client’s public reputation remains strong during a difficult time. Often, a senior PLUS team member will serve as the spokesperson on behalf of our client and the legal team – managing reporter inquiries and shaping media coverage.

Each case is different and in many instances the most effective litigation media campaign involves minimal public reporting.

Thought Leadership

At PLUS, we recognize the importance of establishing our clients as thought leaders and opinion influencers in their industry. Lawmakers, the media and industry peers look to these idea drivers to serve as credible resources, which ensures our clients are positioned as an authoritative voice – a top priority.

PLUS works directly with our clients and their team to establish them as go-to voices in their fields, taking cutting-edge ideas and turning them into concrete actions.

As part of our thought leadership engagement we identify opportunities to elevate our client’s advocacy through awards, speaking engagements, press conferences, panels, forums and third-party partnerships.

See our case study on thought leadership here.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Strategic communication is critical to the success of any deal. The PLUS team has deep experience working with both sellers and buyers in designing winning public affairs strategies to navigate complex regulatory and shareholder approval processes. By managing and executing an effective communications strategy aimed at mitigating transaction risks, we will help you close the deal.

Our campaign approach, which focuses on message development and amplification, aligns with the pace of transaction communications and ensures proper sequencing so the right messages are provided to both internal and external audiences at the right time.

From announcement through post-merger integration, you can count on the PLUS team to ensure that you are in control of the narrative.

M&A communications services include: