Charter Communications is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the United States and the second largest cable provider, serving more than 26 million customers across 41 states.


After announcing plans to merge with Time Warner Cable and acquire Bright House Networks, Charter Communications faced a tough federal and state regulatory landscape. Opponents zeroed in on the fact that Charter would become the second largest broadband provider in the United States. Charter’s central goal was securing approval from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the Department of Justice (DOJ) and state agencies, including in New York and California, in New Charter’s footprint.


To position Charter as an innovative leader in telecommunications and pave the way for the company’s merger, we developed a comprehensive campaign to showcase Charter’s company culture, foster community relations and highlight the many customer benefits across the country. By highlighting Charter’s investments in consumer benefits and experience, building a strong coalition of local and national third-party advocates, and showcasing Charter’s commitments to represent the diverse communities they serve, we were able to create an echo chamber of support for the transaction’s ultimate success.

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Charter gained regulatory approval from the FCC and DOJ, as well as each required state agency. Our campaign also helped reintroduce Charter as an industry leader to D.C. elites, third-party supporters and future customers across the country creating a strong foundation for New Charter to build upon. We were publicly recognized for the success of this campaign, including as a finalist for PRWeek’s Best in Public Affairs category in 2017 and named the winner of a 2017 Telecommunications’ SABRE Award.