The media landscape is constantly evolving – and at PLUS, we’re evolving with it. The rise of cord cutters and a shift towards over the top (OTT) and connected TV (CTV) viewership means we are constantly reevaluating and testing the most efficient ways to reach your audience and get your message heard.

At PLUS, we think holistically about our approach to integrated television and digital video buying. We take a screen agnostic approach to ensure our videos are visually captivating and highly resonant, no matter where they are viewed.

We focus on spending your money as efficiently as possible while purchasing the highest quality inventory available. Not all video views and experiences are created equal: A forced view connected TV spot on Hulu does not have the same impact as a Facebook ad played for two seconds with no sound. To help compare inventory “apples to apples” and identify high quality placements for our clients, we have created unique, valid and viewable metrics to ensure your ads are actually seen by your audiences, rather than played a browser tab away.

Learn more about how our integrated approach to video buying is constantly adapting to a changing world.