The 24/7 news cycle leaves little room for error when it comes to navigating a crisis. A slow or careless response can make any situation worse.

Our specialists are on-call to guide you through every high-stakes scenario, protecting your brand reputation and driving key messages. We can be your on-the-record spokespeople or quickly train in-house staff to engage productively with reporters on deadline.

PLUS also offers a full-service research and digital team, that can activate 24/7 media and an online monitoring war room to measure a topic’s traction and help correct inaccuracies in real-time.

Crisis Preparedness

PLUS works with clients to develop smart, tailored plans designed to bring teams into

alignment with senior leaders and legal counsel before a crisis strikes. This work ensures that your team is prepared to immediately advance a thoughtful and consistent message when needed.

We work with you to designate key spokespeople and prepare background material on controversial topics. We also help clients practice putting these plans into action by developing simulations that mirror real-life scenarios, complete with media inquiries and internal communication challenges.