The 24/7 news cycle leaves little room for error when it comes to navigating a crisis. Whether it’s an unfortunate tweet or an industrial accident, a slow or careless response can make any situation worse.

From Fortune 100 companies to high-profile lawmakers, we prepare our clients to navigate tough situations before a crisis strikes, not after it’s too late. We create smart, tailored plans designed to bring teams of all sizes into alignment with senior leaders and legal counsel – ensuring they are prepared to mitigate any potential damage by immediately advancing a thoughtful, consistent message.

That means designating key spokespeople, preparing background material on controversial topics, and establishing a chain of command that can adapt quickly to changing circumstances. We also help clients practice putting these plans into action by developing simulations that mirror real-life, complete with media inquiries and internal communication challenges. And when a crisis does occur, our team is on-call to help every client preserve their brand and their reputation.

Our crisis specialists can serve as on-the-record spokespeople, and we know how to quickly train in-house staff to deliver winning messages in high-stakes scenarios. PLUS Communications also offers a full-service research and digital team, which can activate 24/7 media and online monitoring to measure a topic’s traction and help correct inaccuracies in real-time.


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