Updates Are Live: Introducing PLUS’ In-House Web Development Team

April 13, 2023

We’ve designed, we’ve developed, we’ve tested – and we’re officially ready to push the latest update to our digital team live.

After nearly a decade of close partnership, we’ve joined forces with web design and development shop Parapxl to bring our web development services entirely in-house.

Long story short: We’ve upgraded our team so that our clients can upgrade their digital footprint. It’s a win-win.

Joining the PLUS team are Mat Masoni and Dewey Bushaw, who have officially transitioned in-house as our vice presidents of Web Development and Technology, respectively.

< Meet Mat

VP of Web Development

< Meet Dewey

VP of Technology

Mat and Dewey have over 43 years of web development experience combined. While their faces may be new, their work is not: they have been building websites for our team as trusted consultants since 2015 and have a deep knowledge of our clients and their needs.

See how Mat and Dewey have already brought their custom solutions and website upgrades to web design and development to bear for PLUS clients!

(Move the slider to the left see the to see the full transformation)

Learn more about PLUS’ web development services here – and reach out if you’re ready for a site upgrade of your own.