The Power of the Field

January 8, 2024

At PLUS Communications (“PLUS”), we integrate our grassroots network of on-the-ground operatives with our online advocacy efforts to craft smart, highly targeted, winning campaigns.

Recently, we hosted our annual Allies Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina, gathering nearly 50 of our local partners from states across the country. This event served as a platform to unveil our latest innovations, as we continue to reimagine how we do advocacy in an ever-changing environment.

PLUS specializes in running bipartisan public affairs and brand reputation campaigns that leverage a political campaign model. Our political and public relations consultants in all 50 states have deep knowledge of the local landscape, media outlets and key stakeholders. We refer to these consultants as “field teams,” and view them as an extension of our PLUS team.

This year’s conference emphasized the importance of these relationships and how to deepen partnerships with our field network.

We understand that local debates shape national narratives and that national conversations drive local debates – whether you are building an issue advocacy or a brand reputation campaign. By harnessing our network of field teams, their experiences and relationships, we tailor our work to educate and mobilize the right local voices, in the right way, at the right time.

The successes of many of our campaigns are credited to our unmatched network and highly acclaimed digital advocacy services.

The bottom line is our relationships, connections and innovative approach fuel the power of the field.

What Our Field Teams Love about Working with PLUS:

Our integrated approach to grassroots doesn’t just rely on on-the-ground engagement; we leverage data and analytics to reach local audiences in an effective, targeted way, both on and offline.

Coupled with on-the-ground engagement, our online advocacy efforts leverage a strategic mix of audience targeting – from match lists to demographics and interests to lookalike modeling.

At this year’s conference, we had the opportunity to hear from Kaylee Price, Senior Vice President of RunSwitch Public Relations – one of our partner firms – about pairing online advocacy with on-the-ground engagement.

RunSwitch recently partnered with Speak4 to drive letters around a campaign, securing more than 2,600 messages from more than 1,100 advocates to local lawmakers. These engagements resulted in a huge legislative win – serving as an example of how quality digital activations lead to real-world results. 

“We love partnering with the professionals at PLUS! They provide us with the most innovative tools to meet client needs – from Speak4 – an advocacy tool that streamlines grassroots engagement, to Fusion – their newest integrated media buying platform,” said Price.

What’s Next?

Our team at PLUS continues to build out its unmatched, bipartisan and robust field network by deepening current relationships and creating new relationships with partner firms.

Interested in working with PLUS and our partner firms? Contact our team to learn more and get started today – we have offices in Richmond, VA, Austin, TX and our newly-announced office in Helena, MT.

“Since joining PLUS last year to manage our field operations, I’ve had the opportunity to build on existing relationships and create new ones with our grassroots teams, while witnessing the power of pairing our network of field operatives with our digital tools and data to drive advocacy. I’m excited to continue working hand-in-hand with our remarkable partner firms to evolve our grassroots engagement efforts in the new year,” said KC Jones Dennehy, managing director of grassroots at PLUS Communications.