The Power of Storytelling in the PLUS Studio

October 25, 2023

Clients use our full-service production studio like this …

… to tell stories like this.

PLUS has been working with Homestretch, a non-profit in Virginia, to help families experiencing homelessness rebuild their lives. Our firm has offered communications strategy, marketing design and event support for more than five years.

When the organization’s long-time executive director announced his retirement, we invited Homestretch to our full-service production studio to discuss the transition on camera. PLUS wanted to draw out powerful first-person stories of Homestretch work to show how the organization was ready to make the transition a success.

A PLUS testimonial interview behind the scenes.
PLUS Testimonials

Homestretch takes a unique approach to supporting their clients and addressing the root causes of homelessness. By providing all-encompassing services, Homestretch families are able to achieve the self-sufficiency needed for long-term success.

During testimonial interviews, in order to focus on the powerful stories of transformed lives, PLUS utilized camera angles, lighting and set design in our studio to create a simple, accessible space. The approach and design helped elevate the personal stories of real people who offer and receive care.

Barfonce Baldwin, new Executive Director of Homestretch.

Ultimately, these authentic, resonant stories were the simplest and most effective way for Homestretch representatives to speak up for an organization undergoing a leadership transition – and tell the story of Homestretch more broadly.

“All of us in the room are doing what we can to make sure we get what we came here to do,” said Jim Wildman, Managing Director at PLUS. “Which is help our client achieve an objective.”

The Power of Emotions

At PLUS, testimonials are the foundation for real stories with an impact. We use the power of emotions to achieve objectives and tell our client stories – helping to inspire, inform and mobilize audiences on issues that matter.

Stories like the ones we heard from Homestretch make a difference. Our full-service production studio, along with a deep bench of experts, exist to help tell these stories.

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If you’d like to learn more about Homestretch, here’s the website – they’re doing great work.