Rob Jesmer is a managing partner at PLUS Communications. As one of five PLUS principals, he develops strategies to navigate some of the country’s most complex regulatory, legislative, and brand reputation challenges. Rob specializes in building agile, multi-part public affairs and communications campaigns to engage with these challenges, and has helped move public opinion and engineer client wins at the federal, state, and local levels.

Prior to his work with PLUS, Rob worked at the highest levels of national politics. “Voters don’t want dissertations, they want short bites of information,” he once told C-SPAN about developing simple strategies that resonate. “You’ve got one shot to get your story right.” It’s a formula that has helped Rob successfully manage campaigns, run congressional offices, direct field operations, and advise presidential candidates in Texas, Minnesota, Illinois, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee.

Rob is a native of St. Paul, Minnesota and is forever dreaming of a Vikings victory in the Super Bowl. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in political science and communications from the University of Saint Thomas. Rob resides in Arlington, Virginia with his wife Kendall, their sons, Jack and Carson, and daughter, Reaves.

What you may not know about Rob

Rob has a love of winter sports and goes skiing with his family frequently throughout the season.