“Crowded” is an understatement when it comes to the current advocacy landscape. To stand out, your digital grassroots advocacy campaigns need to be targeted, nimble and powerful – and you need to be able to rely on your support team in the event of a sudden change in direction.

PLUS’ takes a soup-to-nuts approach to digital advocacy. We start with identifying the strongest calls-to-action for your audiences; applying proven tactics that drive conversions and move the needle with lawmakers; and conduct robust, regular reporting to ensure your campaign operates at optimal performance.

Sample of our approach to graphic design tailored for an advocacy campaign.

As part of this approach, we want to ensure our clients are equipped with the best possible tech to help them achieve their grassroots advocacy goals – which is why we incubated Speak4.


PLUS’ team of digital strategists incubated digital advocacy tool Speak4 in response to the need for a cutting edge platform.

Speak4 prioritizes simplicity, innovation and partnership to empower supporters to speak up for the causes they believe in. The tool includes an intuitive platform; industry-leading targeting capabilities at the federal, state and local levels; seamless Facebook Lead Form integrations; and a direct integration with Regulations.gov. The platform allows partners to prioritize both quality and quantity with advanced functionalities such as Send+, Recruit, StoryTeller Mode and more.

The results speak for themselves:

When combined with PLUS’ other services – including unmatched digital advertising, graphic design and field teams – Speak4 delivers powerful results with real-world impacts.

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