In the 24-hour news cycle, it is imperative to keep your finger on the pulse of the conversation both on- and offline. To that end, PLUS works diligently to provide our clients with media monitoring and social listening services tailored to their specific needs.

Media Monitoring

PLUS implements a highly effective approach to media monitoring that ensures our clients are always well- informed and equipped to make strategic decisions. Our process includes:

PLUS’ media monitoring is equipped to meet any reporting need, whether it be crisis, real-time, daily or weekly.

Social Listening

PLUS utilizes best-in-class social monitoring tools coupled with thorough manual review to create comprehensive reports across multiple social platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Reddit. Our process includes:

Our social listening reporting can be delivered at any frequency, ranging from weekly reports to real-time crisis monitoring.

Learn more about PLUS’ approach to social listening here.