It takes more than good ideas to stand out in the crowd. Whether it is organizing press conferences, hosting roundtables, facilitating tours at a new facility or pulling together a last-minute virtual fundraiser, our team knows how to design and execute events that will elevate a message, organization, campaign or individual.

Events can not only garner media coverage, but they can provide an avenue to put a campaign’s branding and messaging in front of the key influencers and policy leaders that matter. They are also a way to educate and engage new stakeholders to expand the reach of your campaign.

From our vast experience working in Washington, D.C. and state capitals, we know that events can be an effective way to gain credibility and bring trusted information to any effort, and we have the connections and know-how to do so. We understand that every event is unique and comes with its own set of challenges, from security to last-minute changes, and we’re well-equipped to smooth out any hitch.

Our team has years of experience collaborating with media outlets, business organizations and the nation’s premier think tanks – on both sides of the aisle, among many others, and we are ready to put those relationships and experience to work to achieve real results and generate quality engagement for our clients