At PLUS, we employ highly targeted, constantly optimized ads that reach your audiences wherever they are.

From the initial launch to the final days of your digital advertising effort, we closely monitor our ads to continuously iterate and optimize based on data-driven insights. We spend your money as efficiently as possible using data-driven insights – and ensure that we buy the highest quality inventory available. We offer frequent reporting to ensure full transparency and keep the dialogue open between your team and ours at every step of the way.

We do not look at digital advertising as a silo. We understand that audiences are influenced by every medium we speak through, including broadcast, cable, radio and, yes, online advertising. As a result, we tailor our approach to your audience and what they are seeing on other mediums that will influence our buy.

This can lead to a host of tactics, including using digital to re-enforce a cable buy for extra frequency, targeting cord cutters that broadcast ads can miss and bracketing before and after a mail drop.

We also know how to get creative when it comes to finding the best way to reach your audience. We’ve received access to alpha and beta products before any other advertiser in the nation and immediately put them to work for clients. Our team is constantly focused on employing the latest products and cutting-edge technologies to achieve our goals, but at the same time, we’re equally committed to the small day-to-day details that set our work apart from our competitors.

Pushing the envelope means more than just using new tools, sometimes it means inventing new ways of thinking. Find out how PLUS can execute an innovative digital advertising campaign for you.