At the heart of successful public affairs campaigns is the groundwork laid by competitive intelligence. Our in-house team of experts have decades of experience conducting research and analyzing complex issues – synthesizing information from public records, news coverage and online sources into a digestible, communications-friendly format.

We build out the actionable information you need to strategize and inform your efforts: a competitive intelligence report of an issue’s landscape or a competitor informs a campaign’s decision-making and a vulnerability assessment prepares clients to handle crises before they’re public or after the fact.

Our portfolio of clients and projects – including Fortune 100 companies, high-profile executives, leading trade associations and hotly-contested political campaigns – exemplify the versatility of our capabilities and demonstrate the range of complexity we tackle.

Quantitative & Qualitative Research

A successful public affairs effort requires a firm understanding of how stakeholders feel, which messages resonate with target audiences and what arguments drive action. Survey data can inform that understanding, as well as provide an advocacy tool to generate media attention and motivate likeminded organizations or public officials.

Drawing on decades of experience managing the nation’s top political contests, we partner with premier polling and survey research firms, and we are prepared to work with new clients to design surveys and execute focus groups that show how stakeholders feel about certain issues and respond to specific messages.

Suburban moms, Farm Belt consumers and urban millennials all view issues through a different lens, and our research will help you understand these nuances and design messages that will put your best foot forward with any audience.

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