PLUS Communications Fellows Program 101

February 28, 2022

PLUS internships are jam-packed with opportunities to make connections in Washington, D.C., develop valuable public affairs skills — and put you on a track for longer-term employment at the firm.

Our interns and fellows work alongside colleagues who have directed presidential campaigns, strategized for national parties, charted public policy and elected sitting members of Congress. They are also fully integrated into our unique, small-team approach to communications, public affairs, and advocacy.

At PLUS, we help our interns understand how their work is an essential contribution to the excellence our clients expect. Our team plays a key role in client accounts supporting media monitoring, research, and content development.

PLUS is participating in some of today’s most important conversations and the participation of our interns in this effort is deeply valued. We train our interns and we guide them. In return, they bring fresh ideas — and will one day represent the future of our firm and our industry.

We asked some of our current interns to weigh in on their experience with PLUS. We’d love for you to join us. For more information regarding our summer fellows program, check out our careers page.

Caroline Gorter

PLUS has provided me with unmatched hands-on experience. Being able to work on a variety of projects using various techniques has truly expanded my skillset. I have been able to learn so much here and have really furthered my interest in the topics that I have had the chance to work with. The opportunities to work so closely with my team on meaningful projects is such a unique experience.

Caroline McBride

I was initially drawn to PLUS because of the scope of their client accounts. I felt like working here could be a way to pursue all of my interests within one place due to the variety of projects and campaigns PLUS is engaged in. When I had my interview, I was told that every day working here brings something new to experience, and that has been true throughout my time at the company.

Interning with such talented people who are always ready to help in any way gave me so many new skills and opportunities. I learned so much about persuasive writing, the congressional process, research, and so much more. My favorite part of working at PLUS is that the internship program here feels valued; I’m given opportunities to do important assignments on my own and was given an amazing mentor who has guided me well beyond my first few weeks. My time here has given me so many good skills for any environment and left me confident about my future.

Matthew Stauder

I was primarily drawn to PLUS due to my previous experiences in the world of public affairs. I wanted to merge that experience with the political world of Washington, DC. It’s been an honor to intern with PLUS’ Public Affairs Department and work on numerous accounts and campaigns. I have learned immensely from PLUS’ signature abilities in media monitoring, research, and persuasive writing. I have greatly enjoyed working with such a knowledgeable team on critically important issues and knowing that my work, even as an intern, can create a meaningful impact for our clients.

One of the things I have taken away from my time as a PLUS intern is the tremendous ability of public affairs campaigns to educate and influence public opinion. Witnessing advocacy campaigns unfold and gain traction has been very fulfilling. I have also realized the incredible amount of work and attention to detail it takes to create a strong campaign. Finally, I have benefitted greatly from working with many different people in many different ways. I am confident that the skills and lessons I have taken away from this internship will stick with me for a long time and help me in whatever path I go down.

Brianna Carter

Since I started in November, I have felt very welcomed by everyone at PLUS. Everyone has been so kind and helpful. I am very grateful to those that have come together to guide me and help me learn. The biggest thing I have learned at PLUS so far (and am still learning) is professionalism. As a student in the pandemic, learning and working in this new virtual environment, I feel the line between professionalism and casualness has been blurred. PLUS has really helped me to reinforce that boundary. I am also very proud of the work we have done surrounding COVID-19. I have helped with some pandemic-related writing and advocacy, and that work has been extremely fulfilling and rewarding.