Not All Heroes Wear Capes

In the midst of the Nationals’ dramatic and awe-inspiring World Series win last week, Bud Light seized on a viral moment of their own, when a Nationals fan now-famously took a home run ball to the chest instead of sacrificing the Bud Lights he had in each hand to make the catch.

In the hours that followed, Bud Light put on a clinic in cross-channel marketing, launching social, paid television and even utilizing offline tactics, such as flying the fan down to Game 6 in Houston to reprise his role in the outfield.

Utilizing our own social media monitoring team, and in partnership with Deep Root Analytics and their paid and earned media audience measurement tools, we took a look at the results of this effort, and they are impressive.

The campaign started with rapid response social, where Bud Light posted the beer hero as seen below, and saw skyrocketing engagement.

Building on that success, they marshaled a full-fledged campaign by sending their newfound hero to Game 6 and crafting paid commercials around it. Because of this viral effect, and his reappearance in Game 6, they were able to generate significant, additional earned media.

Paid TV Commercial

Earned Media

Based on Deep Root’s paid and earned media audience measurement tools, we can see here that, in both the Houston and D.C. markets, Bud Light used earned to extend the reach of their paid effort by over 30 percent.

Through combining online, offline and traditional paid tactics, Bud Light was able to significantly expand their footprint in the World Series.

Continued Engagement


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