Celebrating PAWgust At PLUS

August 13, 2021

They’re the first to greet us after a hard day at work, they’re always there when we need them, and they never turn down a cuddle. This month of PAWgust, we celebrate all of our furry friends at PLUS who have kept us company while working from home and who are always our number one fans, day in and day out.

This PAWgust, we’re excited to highlight some of these furry family members. Here’s to the PAWsome pets of the PLUS family!

Boo, 11

“We got her in the month of October, and she’s white. Naturally, her name had to be Boo.”
– Julia Grady, Public Affairs Associate

Bailey, 12
Foxhound Boxer

“She is a great snuggler.”
– Nick Gay, Public Affairs Managing Director

Milo, 4
Golden Doodle

“He likes humans more than other dogs and loves to be the center of attention!”
– Caroline McBride, Public Affairs Intern

Vision, 4
Domestic Shorthair

“Viz loves watching TV and believes the people on the screen will feed him.”

– Em Whitworth, Digital Director

Ace, 4
Boston Terrier

“Ace was the only girl left in her litter when we got her, and all her brothers had picked on her. Her ears were all chewed up and she had an infected scratch on her nose. Her favorite activity is licking.”
– Rio Ciuffo, Advertising Intern

Mia, 4
Hound Mix

“After much protest, she recently learned how to swim like a champ.”
– Phalen Kuckuck, Digital Director

Beans, 3
Breed uncertain

“Beans is a talker and loves to have conversations! He also only drinks water out of the running sink faucet and morning cuddles are his favorite.”
– Kait Moller, Digital Senior Associate

Roo, 1 1/2
English Setter

“I’m passionate about chasing bugs, birds and squirrels, and burying my bones in my mom’s garden. Belly scratches are the key to my heart and will surely earn you a kiss.”
– Jack Kirby, Shooter/Editor

Collins, 7 months
Golden Retriever

“Collins is a water dog but he’s still getting used to taking the plunge – it might be because he accidentally ran into a koi pond as a little pup. Regardless, he loves to join mom and dad out on the boat when he isn’t chewing up sticks or hoarding our socks.”
– Keely Briscoe, Public Affairs Director

Sawyer, 8
Golden Retriever

“We adopted Sawyer when he failed (or “career changed”) out of service dog training.”
– Chris Bond, Public Affairs Managing Director

Ryan, 16
Orange Tabby

“He LOVES hugs and kisses. Always begs for them, especially from me and my mom.”
– Emily Schneider, Digital Senior Associate

Constantine, 7 months
Alaskan Husky

“Stan is a talented singer.”
– Caroline Gorter, Research Intern

Lexi, 12
Shih Tzu

“Lexi’s favorite foods are salmon, kangaroo and duck or cod skin treats.”
– Eric Sutton, Public Affairs Managing Director

Anna, 8
Hound Mix

“Anna is completely indestructible! She loves vegetables and dairy, but has also eaten rocks, an entire nylabone (broke it in half and swallowed both pieces whole), an infinite number of sticks, cardboard, etc. I’ve panicked a few times, but she’s always OK and the vet thinks it’s hilarious.”
– Kelsey VanZee, Executive Assistant

Raja & Zara, 4
Bengal/Shorthair Mix

“They were adopted as bonded buddies from the ARL and so far have lived in Des Moines, IA, Phoenix, AZ, and Washington, D.C.”
– Lydia Hall, Political

Lemony Snicket, 8

“I awoke late one evening to find Lemony chasing a large rabbit around the house. We’re still not sure how the rabbit got in.”
– Nathan Rhea, Public Affairs Managing Director